About MA Group

MA History

MA story began in 2013. MA Group is a network of professional firms providing accounting, assurance, consultancy and training relating to business services. We maintain the highest standards of giving you the best in-class services aligned eith our core values including integrity, responsibility and proactiveness.


MA Mission

We commit to deliver integrated business solutions though the partnership with your company.

Our people

Our team consists of top quality professional consultants and personnel in audit profession with extensive experiences in local, multinational and listed companies of diversified industries such as automotive, energy and petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment, healthcare and hospitality, trading business and not-for-profit organisations.

Our core values

Our core values drive MA Group’s daily businesses to give you the best in-class services.

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Proactive
  • Being business partnership

Our strengths


MA Group has a wealth of local knowledge and skills, the benefits of which are delivered to clients by a team of professionals and staff.

Our local knowledge is enhanced by international links to the pool of technical and industry skill resources within our experiences. This helps us to get even better results as we consistently strive to achieve the highest standards and quality of services.

Business partnership

Our professionals are able to deliver informed and timely advice that helps our clients achieve sustainable and superior business performance, and effectively communicate this to stakeholders.

With our proactive style, we aim to be business partnership by providing clients the best practical business solutions.

Quality of services

Our service focus is simple – “We listen to the needs of the clients we work with and take a tailored approach to responding to those needs.”

We bring long-term added values through our real experiences and technical know-how. Integrity, quality and independence are the main factors to provide our services.